1. To promote interfraternity friendship and cooperation
  2. To publicize the high ideals, purpose and accomplishments of the fraternity system
  3. To stimulate interest and participation of alumnae members of NPC fraternities
  4. To cooperate with area colleges and universities and College Panhellenics in the study of and solution to problems of common interest
  5. To further interest in community service and philanthropic efforts
  6. To provide qualified students with financial assistance through scholarships
  7. To recognize each year an outstanding senior, Greek woman residing within the recognized jurisdiction of Indianapolis Alumnae Panhellenic

The Indianapolis Alumnae Panhellenic Association is a community based organization, affiliated with National Panhellenic Conference, whose membership is composed of representative alumnae from 23 out of 26 NPC member group fraternities.


The shield is a protective influence for our entire membership.

A lamp denotes leadership, scholarship and enlightenment.

The laurel wreath signifies victory, or achievement of ideals.

While the sword piercing the wreath indicates willingness to fight for ideals, symbolizing, too, penalty of obligation; also bravery, achievement and discipline.

The mantling surrounding the shield is the protecting cloak that education gives us, and a protective influence of organization.

Thus, there in the mantle is inscribed the name of the National Panhellenic Conference.
(Adopted at the 1957 Biennial Session)

Indianapolis Alumnae Panhellenic